Reading group "Stochastic Networks and Learning"

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Welcome on the webpage of the reading group "Stochastic Networks and Learning" organized by the Stochastic Operations Research group at the Eindhoven University of Technology!

Learning techniques become more and more relevant to the design and optimization of stochastic networks as the size and complexity of these systems increases. In this reading group, we propose to share our findings on this topic by organizing biweekly meetings where a group member presents a paper of their choice.

This page lists the past and future papers presented at the reading group.

Organizers: Céline Comte and Sem Borst




Format: Biweekly one-hour-and-a-half meetings

Once or twice a month, a different group member gives a lecture on a document (research paper, survey paper, book chapter...) of their choice. The other group members are encouraged to ask questions and initiate discussions during the lecture. The average workload per member is very light since they only present a paper about once every [number of participants]/2 months.

Expected benefits

How to choose a document?


The objective is to make the presentation as interactive as possible despite the online format. Therefore, we propose that the speaker uses one of the following two media:

In terms of timing, you can aim for a one-hour presentation (approximately) and leave time for questions and discussions.